La Culture #14 Typography & Print in collaboration with AlefAlefAlef Rosh Hashana Edition

by Anna Kopito | 14.09.14

It’s been a long, hard road for young creatives in recent years. It’s about time that a new generation of artists started making waves and changing the way in which we approach the art world. La Culture is a social initiative to expose new, promising artists to the general public – getting them recognised and assisting them to make profit from their art.

La Culture has an exhibition opening on the 18th September and it’s about to set a president for how we treat art. Not only will this upcoming exhibition showcase some spectacular creative talent, but the general public will be able to buy what they like as no piece will cost over 500nis. With the profit going directly to the artists themselves, La Culture wants to ensure that everyone is getting the best out of the exchange and that most importantly, that the art world is changed for the better.

This exhibition will focus on the subject of typography and print-making. With 65 local artists and designers and Studio AlefAlefAlef, there will certainly be an array of visual and typographic delights to feast your eyes on. There will also be a special post exhibition where limited edition prints of Rosh Hashana postcards will be able to be sent to friends straight from the show; postcards will be designed by Dar Rotem, Itay Blaish, Avner Gicelter and AlefAlefAlef – the home for hebrew typography.

Read more about AlefAlefAlef.

The exhibition opens on 18/09 and runs until 20/09.
Location: Mazeh 9, Tel Aviv – Jaffa
Opening Hours:
Thursday 18/09 | 19:00-23:00
Friday 19/09 | 11:00-17:00
Saturday 20/09 | 11:00-20:00
The prices of the art pieces in the exhibition will not rise above 500 nis, and the profit goes straight to artists. The exhibition is curated by Itay Blaish and Dar Rotem. Facebook event.


Written by Francesca Kletz


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